Who we are

Meet the dynamic brothers behind Whiskey Collective: one, a master distiller, constantly refining and concocting unique, mouthwatering spirits; the other, a data analyst, utterly fixated on all things whiskey. Together, they've revolutionized the way whiskey aficionados experience their favorite spirit, creating an exclusive selection of unreleased gems delivered right to your doorstep.

What we offer

Whiskey delivered

We ship whiskey straight to your door. Subscribers receive a quarterly shipment of three samples and then can order larger bottles of their favorite(s).

Sample undiscovered whiskey

Taste our delicious whiskeys that buck the status quo of major distilleries. Each subscription box contains whiskeys that have never been released to enjoy.

Order more of what you like

Once you have sampled, you can order your favorites from our website before they are gone forever.


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