Private Stock 750ml

Whiskey Collective Private Stock is an exclusive and exquisite libation crafted for those who understand the artistry of whiskey-making. It serves as the preferred after-hours elixir for master distillers—a carefully curated masterpiece reserved for those intimately familiar with the nuances of the craft. With notes of soothing vanilla, nuanced richness of pecan, and a captivating zest of nutmeg, this private stock invites enthusiasts into a world where each sip is a celebration of shared expertise, camaraderie, and the exceptional craftsmanship that defines the distillery. Whether enjoyed in solitude or among kindred spirits, Whiskey Collective Private Stock is a testament to the finest moments crafted as meticulously as the whiskey itself.

Tasting Notes: Vanilla, Pecan, Nutmeg
118 proof


Introducing Whiskey Collective Private Stock, an exquisite libation that extends a prestigious invitation into the exclusive realm of master distillers. As the sun dips below the horizon and the rhythmic hum of the distillery winds down, a select few are privy to the after-hours indulgence of Whiskey Collective Private Stock—a truly distinguished creation reserved for those who have devoted their lives to the art of crafting exceptional spirits.

This premium reserve stands as a testament to the refined tastes of the master distillers, who, having spent their days orchestrating the symphony of flavors within the distillery, choose this private stock as their unwinding elixir. It is a carefully curated masterpiece, a culmination of the expertise and artistry that defines the collective.

As you embark on this sensory journey, the initial notes of vanilla unfold, offering a soothing and familiar prelude that sets the stage for the extraordinary experience that lies ahead. It is a nod to the craftsmanship and attention to detail that marks the distiller’s trade.

Delve deeper into the heart of Whiskey Collective Private Stock, and the nuanced richness of pecan emerges—a flavor profile that mirrors the journey of mastery undertaken by those who guide the alchemy of distillation. This private stock is not merely a drink; it is a shared secret among those who understand the alchemical dance of time, wood, and spirit.

The final act of this extraordinary composition introduces the subtle but captivating zest of nutmeg. This spice resonates with the warmth of camaraderie shared among master distillers, each sip an acknowledgment of the shared passion and expertise that unites these artisans.

Whiskey Collective Private Stock is an exquisite ritual, a revered tradition that transcends the ordinary. Whether sipped in solitude as a moment of personal reflection or raised in a toast with kindred spirits, this private stock invites you to join the exclusive ranks of those who savor the exceptional. This is the whiskey that graces the glasses of master distillers after a day of meticulous craftsmanship—a private stock for those who understand that the finest moments are crafted just as meticulously as the whiskey itself.

Tasting Notes: Vanilla, Pecan, Nutmeg
118 proof

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