Smoked Old Fashioned Recipe

smoked old fashioned on barLet’s Meet the Smoked Old Fashioned Recipe

In the realm of whiskey cocktails, there’s one that stands a cut above the rest, a concoction that stirs the soul and ignites the senses—the Smoked Old Fashioned. This is not just a cocktail; it’s a narrative in a glass, a tale of tradition infused with a wild, smoky spirit. Today, we’re not just making a drink; we’re crafting an experience, one that encompasses the essence of the wilderness with each sip. Imagine a journey through a dense, ancient forest, where every turn unveils a new sensory delight. This cocktail captures that adventure, blending the rustic charm of the great outdoors with the sophistication of a classic cocktail.

Familiar Meets Unexpected

This cocktail isn’t just a choice for an evening; it’s a selection for those who appreciate the nuances of life. Each sip is a step deeper into a rich tapestry of flavors, where the familiar meets the unexpected. The smoke intertwines with the natural sweetness and robust character of the whiskey, creating a symphony of flavors that dances on the palate. It’s an exploration of contrasts—the warmth of the whiskey against the coolness of the ice, the sweetness of the syrup against the bitterness of the bitters, and the smokiness that envelops it all.

In creating the Smoked Old Fashioned, we’re paying homage to the art of cocktail making, while simultaneously pushing the boundaries. It’s a drink that appeals to the connoisseur and the curious alike, offering a gateway to a world where tradition and innovation coexist in harmony. This cocktail doesn’t just quench your thirst; it invites you to savor every moment, to appreciate the craftsmanship behind every ingredient, every technique, and every sip. As you prepare to indulge in this exquisite creation, remember that you’re not just enjoying a cocktail—you’re partaking in a legacy, one that continues to evolve and inspire with every glass raised.

The Essence of the Smoke

To begin our journey into the heart of the Smoked Old Fashioned, let’s delve into the core element that sets this cocktail apart: the smoke. Smoking a cocktail isn’t just a technique; it’s an art form, a delicate dance of flavor and aroma that transforms a simple drink into a masterpiece. This process requires special equipment, notably a smoking gun, and most importantly, the right kind of wood chips. These chips are not just fuel for smoke; they are the soul of your cocktail, each type offering a distinct and nuanced flavor profile. They are akin to the spices of the cocktail world, each variety bringing its unique character to the drink.

The Right Choice

Choosing the right wood chips is an exercise in flavor matchmaking. Different woods impart different flavors: hickory might add a robust, bacon-like flavor; applewood can introduce a sweet, fruity tang; and mesquite brings a strong, earthy essence. The type of wood you choose should complement the whiskey’s inherent flavors, creating a harmonious blend that elevates the drink. Think of it as curating a symphony of flavors where each note plays its part in perfect harmony.

But how does it work? The smoking gun is akin to a magician’s wand in this alchemical process. It uses heat, not to burn, but to gently smolder the wood chips. This controlled combustion produces a delicate smoke, rich in aromatic compounds that are the essence of the wood’s character. The smoke is then captured in your glass, infusing the cocktail with its alluring flavors and aromas. The result is a glass with smoke that’s not just a visual spectacle but a vessel of layered flavors.

The Full Experience

This smoke doesn’t just add a new flavor dimension; it creates an experience. The swirling smoke captivates the senses even before the first sip, building anticipation. It’s a ritual that engages the drinker, making the act of enjoying a cocktail a more immersive and interactive experience. The smoke adds a tactile element to the drink, a reminder of the natural processes that birthed the flavors in your glass.

The smoking process is a journey back to our ancestral roots, to the times when fire and smoke were central to our existence. It’s a nod to the primal bond between man and fire, a connection that’s as old as civilization itself. In a way, smoking a cocktail is a way to touch this shared past and bring a piece of that ancient mystique into our modern lives.

The essence of smoke in a Smoked Old Fashioned is much more than a gimmick or a passing fad. It’s a bridge between the old and the new—a fusion of tradition and innovation. It’s about adding depth, character, and a story to every glass, turning a simple act of drinking a cocktail into a moment to remember.

Crafting the Smoked Old Fashioned

Now, let’s get down to the craft. Our star ingredient is none other than Wood Cabin whiskey from our shop, a small batch whiskey that epitomizes the spirit of the wilderness. It’s not just any bourbon whiskey; it’s a narrative in itself, one that we’ll be weaving into our cocktail recipe.


  • 2 oz Wood Cabin whiskey
  • 1/2 oz maple syrup
  • 2 dashes of Angostura bitters
  • Ice cubes
  • Orange peel for garnish
  • Luxardo cherries for an extra touch


  1. Prepare Your Glass: Start by adding smoke to your glass. Use your smoking gun with the wood chips of your choice. Let the smoke fill the glass, then cover it to trap the smoky essence.
  2. Mix the Cocktail: In a separate glass, combine the Wood Cabin whiskey, maple syrup, and Angostura bitters. Stir this mixture over ice cubes until well chilled.
  3. Assemble the Masterpiece: Uncover your smoked glass. The smoke will swirl out in a captivating dance, setting the stage for what’s to come. Strain the whiskey mixture into this glass.
  4. The Final Touch: Garnish with a twist of orange peel and a Luxardo cherry. The orange adds a zest that complements the smoky flavor, while the cherry offers a hint of sweetness.

Elevating Your Cocktail Game

A Smoked Old Fashioned is not just a drink; it’s a statement. It’s perfect for various occasions, whether you’re entertaining guests or indulging in a solitary moment of reflection. This cocktail recipe elevates your cocktail game, transforming an ordinary evening into an extraordinary experience.

A Call to the Wild and Sophisticated

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Remember, a Smoked Old Fashioned is not just about adding bourbon and ice to a glass. It’s about embracing the wilderness and adding smoke to your life in the most elegant way. It’s a classic cocktail reimagined, a testament to your evolving cocktail game. So, gather your special equipment, your Wood Cabin whiskey, and let the spirit of the wild guide you in crafting a cocktail that’s as rugged as it is refined.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of wood is used for smoked old fashioned?

When it comes to choosing the wood for your Smoked Old Fashioned, think of it as casting the lead actor in a blockbuster movie. Hickory is like the rugged action hero, delivering bold, bacon-like flavors. Applewood, on the other hand, is the charming romantic lead, offering sweet, fruity undertones. And Mesquite? That’s your intense, brooding character, imparting a deep, earthy essence. Choose your wood like you’d choose your movie genre – each brings its own unique flair to the story in your glass.

Why do people smoke old fashioned?

Why do people smoke an Old Fashioned? For the same reason they climb mountains or listen to jazz – for the sheer, unadulterated joy of it. Smoking an Old Fashioned is like turning a black-and-white movie into Technicolor. It adds depth, drama, and a touch of showmanship. It’s the difference between a handshake and a bear hug from a long-lost friend. In short, it’s about taking something great and setting it on fire (figuratively, of course) to make it even better.

Can you use liquid smoke in an old fashioned?

Liquid smoke in an Old Fashioned? Sure, you can, just like you can use a picture of a fireplace on your TV instead of a real fire. But let’s be honest, it’s like bringing a plastic knife to a steak dinner. Liquid smoke might mimic the smokiness, but it misses the whole theatrical experience – no swirling smoke, no enchanting aroma, no feeling like a wizard conjuring up a potion. It’s a shortcut, and while it gets you there, it’s like taking a bus instead of a Harley – not nearly as fun.

How do you infuse smoke into a cocktail?

Infusing smoke into a cocktail is like adding a plot twist to a novel – it changes everything in the most exciting way. You start by playing Prometheus, using a smoking gun as your tool of choice. This gadget gently smolders your chosen wood chips, creating a delicate wisp of smoke. Then, like capturing a genie in a bottle, you trap this smoke in your cocktail glass, swirling it around to let it kiss every inch of the interior. The result? A cocktail that’s not just a drink, but a narrative, a sip of smoky mystery.

What do bartenders put in drinks to make them smoke?

What do bartenders put in drinks to make them smoke? It’s not magic dust or dragon’s breath, but it’s almost as cool. The secret weapon is typically a smoking gun, armed with its trusty sidekick – wood chips. This dynamic duo creates a mini smoke show right at the bar. The bartender, like a culinary wizard, harnesses the smoke, directing it with the finesse of a maestro into your glass. It’s part chemistry, part art, and all about turning your drink into a smoky spectacle.

How do you make a smoked old fashioned without a smoke gun?

Making a Smoked Old Fashioned without a smoke gun is like trying to text with a rotary phone—possible, but requires some creativity. One way is to go old-school: light a wood plank or stick on fire, blow it out, and capture the smoke under your glass. It’s a bit like sending smoke signals to your cocktail – primitive but effective. This method gives you bragging rights for doing it the way our ancestors might have, minus the cave and the saber-toothed tiger. It’s more work, but hey, who doesn’t love a bit of cocktail caveman style?