French Crossing 750ml

Welcome to French Crossing, a whiskey that embraces a frisky French spirit with audacious charm. Dive into captivating floral notes reminiscent of a blossoming romance in Paris, followed by a kick of playful dried fruits. This whiskey rebels with a cheeky slap of oak, breaking free from tradition. French Crossing is the embodiment of a French fling with a twist—a fiery passion defying expectations. Cheers to audacious refinement and embracing life’s pleasures with unapologetic flair.

Tasting Notes: Vanilla, Clove, and Tobacco


Welcome to the world of French Crossing, a whiskey that boldly embraces the spirit of a frisky French fling while defiantly raising a middle finger to convention. Prepare yourself for a taste experience that is all about crude charm and bridging the gap between French sophistication and a badass attitude.

French Crossing struts onto the scene with a saucy confidence, showcasing its captivating floral notes that flirt with your senses, reminiscent of a blossoming romance in the gardens of Paris. But this whiskey doesn’t stop at mere charm—it delivers a kick of dried fruits, teasing your taste buds with an audacious and playful allure.

As you take another sip, a cheeky slap of oak asserts itself, adding a rebellious touch to the refined flavors. It’s a whiskey that refuses to conform, breaking free from the constraints of tradition and embracing a raw, unapologetic character that’s both captivating and refreshing.

French Crossing is the embodiment of a French fling with a twist—an encounter that ignites a fiery passion, leaving a lasting impression that defies expectations. It’s a whiskey that dares you to embrace your wild side while relishing in the sophistication of the French countryside.

So, raise your glass to French Crossing and let its crude charm sweep you off your feet. Indulge in a taste that is simultaneously audacious and refined—a bold fusion that defies convention and invites you to experience a whiskey unlike any other. Cheers to embracing the unexpected and savoring life’s pleasures with an unapologetic flair.

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