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Give the gift of unparalleled whiskey indulgence with Whiskey Collective’s annual subscription! Treat your loved ones to exclusive small-batch whiskeys, handcrafted with passion and unmatched flavors, for a truly exceptional and memorable experience. Surprise them with a unique and consumable gift that elevates their whiskey journey, making each sip a celebration of exquisite spirits and exclusive moments shared with friends and family.  We’ll send an email to your lucky someone where they can then redeem an annual subscription to Whiskey Collective.

Your lucky recipient will also receive an entry into the Quarterly Giveaway: A chance to have their name on a bottle, a tasting board customized with their name on it, an elusive bottle of exceptional whiskey, exclusive merchandise, or whiskey swag. Who knows, maybe all five?

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Give a gift they won’t forget!

Impart the joy of extraordinary whiskey exploration with the Whiskey Collective’s annual subscription! Delight your beloved friends or family members with a year-long journey through exclusive small-batch whiskeys, meticulously crafted with boundless passion and unparalleled flavors, ensuring an experience that is truly exceptional and memorable.

This unique and thoughtful gift transforms each sip into a celebration of exquisite spirits and exclusive moments shared with loved ones. Our curated selection promises a diverse and rich tapestry of flavors, elevating their whiskey journey to new heights.

To add an element of surprise, we’ve made gifting easier than ever. Simply provide us with their email, and we’ll send a special notification allowing them to redeem their annual subscription to Whiskey Collective. It’s not just a gift; it’s an invitation to savor the artistry and craftsmanship that defines each bottle, making their whiskey experience a journey of indulgence and discovery. Elevate their spirits, and let the toasts begin!

See what is currently shipping!

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